Matching Xiangfan 525 pump HR / HRM series mechanical seal

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Flowserve Fluid Mechanical Seals (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. provides mechanical seal accessories for 525 pumps throughout the year. In order to meet the requirements of delivery, our company stocks 525 mechanical seals, including desulfurization pumps, slurry pumps, corrosion and corrosion Grinding pump, water pump, oil pump, chemical pump, etc.
Single end cartridge type, balanced type, arbitrary rotation direction, in accordance with API610.API682 standard

The HR series is a special purpose seal, he is suitable for containing particles. However, in the working conditions without external flushing and circulation, it is mainly used in power plants, purification devices for fuel gas desulfurization systems, but also in the paper industry and slurry pump series.

Operating parameters:
Specification: 20 ~ 180mm
Pressure: ≤1.6Mpa
Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 160 ℃
Linear speed: ≤10m / s

Material parameters:
Sealed face: silicon carbide, tungsten carbide
Auxiliary sealing: NBR, fluoro rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, PTFE
合金钢 Metal structure: stainless steel, alloy steel


Companies often make models:

HR325/160-G11-E1 SIC-SIC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 160-G11-E1 SIC-SIC mechanical seal
HR325/170 316L-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 170 316L-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HR325/190-G11-E1 SIC-SIC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 190-G11-E1 SIC-SIC mechanical seal
HR325/190-G11-E1,动静IC,弹簧哈氏C,其他金属部件1.4462机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 190-G11-E1, dynamic IC, spring Hastelloy C, other metal parts 1.4462 mechanical seal
HR325/210-G11-E1 SIC-SIC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 210-G11-E1 SIC-SIC mechanical seal
HR325/230 2205-SiC/SiC,上海博格曼机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 230 2205-SiC / SiC, Shanghai Borgmann mechanical seal
HR325/230-G11-E1 SIC-SIC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 230-G11-E1 SIC-SIC mechanical seal
HR325/230-G11-E1 SIC-SIC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HR325 / 230-G11-E1 SIC-SIC mechanical seal
HRL-65 SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRL-65 SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-125D2 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-125D2 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-125D3机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-125D3 Mechanical Seal
HRM-125D3 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-125D3 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-125S2,2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-125S2,2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-125S3 316L-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-125S3 316L-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-125S3(HMR3C-125)SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-125S3 (HMR3C-125) SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-142D3 2205-SiC/SiC, 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-142D3 2205-SiC / SiC, 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-142S2,2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-142S2,2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-142S3机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-142S3 Mechanical Seal
HRM-142S3(HMR3C-142),SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-142S3 (HMR3C-142), SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-158D3 2205-SIC/SIC,SIC/SIC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 pump HRM-158D3 2205-SIC / SIC, SIC / SIC mechanical seal
HRM-158S 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-158S 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-158S2 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-158S2 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-158S3机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-158S3 Mechanical Seal
HRM-158S3(HMR3C-158)SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-158S3 (HMR3C-158) SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-158S7-00 2205-SSiC/SSiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 pump HRM-158S7-00 2205-SSiC / SSiC mechanical seal
HRM-175D2 SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-175D2 SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-175D3 SiC/SiC,SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-175D3 SiC / SiC, SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-175S2 (2205-SiC/SiC)机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-175S2 (2205-SiC / SiC) Mechanical Seal
HRM-175S2 316L-SiC/SiC,机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-175S2 316L-SiC / SiC, mechanical seal
HRM-175S3(HMR3C-175)SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-175S3 (HMR3C-175) SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-175SB 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-175SB 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-198D2 SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-198D2 SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-198D3 2205-SiC/SiC,2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-198D3 2205-SiC / SiC, 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-198S2 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-198S2 2205-SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-198S3机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-198S3 Mechanical Seal
HRM-198S3(HMR3C-198)SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-198S3 (HMR3C-198) SiC / SiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-198S7-00 2205-SSiC/SSiC机械密封 Xiangfan May 25 Pump HRM-198S7-00 2205-SSiC / SSiC Mechanical Seal
HRM-220SB 2205-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-220SB 2205-SiC / SiC mechanical seal
HRM-82SA-00 304-SiC/SiC机械密封 Xiangfan 525 pump HRM-82SA-00 304-SiC / SiC mechanical seal

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