Sulzer SB2-50-QRMG Mechanical Seal SB2 Pressure Screen Mechanical Seal

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轴用密封 Mechanical seal structure : Seals for double-face shafts in bulk

耐高温, 耐腐蚀,耐高压,耐磨损 Machine seal characteristics : high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, wear resistance

Material :
Metal parts: 316
Auxiliary parts: fluoro rubber sealing surface: silicon carbide-silicon carbide mechanical seal parameters: temperature ≤142 ° C pressure ≤2.5Mpa
Flowserve fluid professional mechanical seal manufacturers , supply Sulzer series mechanical seals, complete models, manufacturers stock spot models are
SB2-30-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-40-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-50-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-60-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-70-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-80-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-110-QRMG mechanical seal
SB2-130-QRMG mechanical seals This series of mechanical seals have complete models. Need to buy. Welcome to inquire.

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