Sulzer Pump SE2 Mechanical Seal

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Product features: Balanced double-end non-container static horizontal installation, screw tightening, clamping transmission Material structure: hard alloy, 2Cr13 / 304 / 316L
Rubber material: fluorine rubber, silicone rubber

Product parameters

Medium: solid particles, viscous, fiber liquid temperature: 180 ° C
Pressure: 1.5Mpa
Speed: ≤1800r / min

Flowserve Fluid Mechanical Seal (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals for Sulzer pumps. Provide sealing seals for pump factories all year round. In order to improve the supply efficiency, various models are equipped with mechanical seals in stock. SE2 is a mechanical seal for Sulzer app series pumps. It is not a container type. It must be installed with the corresponding pump before use. Normal operation, the machine seal is a hard alloy sealing ring, which has high hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can adapt to various corrosive and particulate media. A variety of corrosion-resistant alloy steels can be rotated according to the corrosion of different media. Reasonable Hanpai auxiliary sealing materials are used. Manufacturers choose the best material combination to improve the trial life and seal effect of machine seals.

Mechanical seal applicable industries: chemical, food, beverage, papermaking, sewage treatment. Applicable pumps: acid-resistant pumps, cooling water pumps, feed pumps, seawater pumps.

Sulzer SE2-AP-32 Mechanical Seal

Sulzer SE2-AP-50 Mechanical Seal Sulzer SE2-AP-60 Mechanical Seal

Sulzer   SE2-AP-80 mechanical seal

This model has a complete range of mechanical seals, and the manufacturer always stocks them to match the original pump.

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