CARTEX mechanical seal

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任意旋向、 平衡型、任意旋向、集装式、弹簧静止式补偿性好,可适应系统压力瞬间变化的工况, 符合 API610、API682标准。 Structural characteristics: Arbitrary rotation direction, balanced type, arbitrary rotation direction, container type, and spring static type have good compensation, can adapt to the working conditions of system pressure instantaneous change, and meet API610 and API682 standards.

适用于易结晶、含颗粒、含纤维等介质中,可替代盘根填料。 Application field: Suitable for mediums that are easy to crystallize, containing particles, and containing fibers, and can replace packing fillers.

≤2.5MPa 温度:-40~220℃ 速度:≤25m/s Operating parameters: Pressure: ≤2.5MPa Temperature: -40 ~ 220 ℃ Speed: ≤25m / s

The HR principle is a characteristic design feature of the Cartex series: the valve seat and sleeve rotate together with the pump shaft, and the spring remains stationary.
Internal pressure and centrifugal force produce a self-cleaning effect on the sliding surface during operation. This can prevent harmful pollution and increase operating efficiency. Liability, especially if the medium contains solids.
High axial tolerances and no dead space.
The wide sliding surface guarantees high film stability.
U-grooves are a standard feature and can be operated with seals in both directions.
The silicon carbide surface material and high-strength coating ensure optimal performance in continuous operation.
Designed to withstand critical situations during startup and shutdown, or failure in buffer gas supply. Even in these cases, the double-balanced CarexGSDN seal remains closed and balanced.
* CARTEX application industry:
Application in process industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, power plant technology, pulp and paper industry, water and wastewater technology, mining.

Manufacturers stock spot models are:
CARTEX-DN-30 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-35 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-38 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-43 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-48 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-53 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-55 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-58 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-60 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-63 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-65 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-68 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-70 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-73 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-75 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-73 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-75 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-78 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-80 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-85 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-90 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-95 mechanical seal
CARTEX-DN-100 mechanical seal
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