0950/780/001 mechanical seal (cage type)

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Mechanical seal features: cartridge type with spiral, multi-spring structure, lug transmission, free rotation direction, simple installation, suitable for more working conditions than single mechanical seal, stable performance. Comply with ISO3069 \ DIN24960 and GB6556 standards, strong versatility, commonly used in refrigerator rubber ring material: PTFE V-ring, PTFE wedge ring Applicable media: water, oil, non-crystalline corrosive media, organic solvents Wait

Working parameters:

Fixed content: ≤25%

Temperature: ≤330 ℃

Pressure: ≤4MPa

Shaft diameter: ≤150mm

Main application: This seal is widely used in various types of ammonia screw refrigeration compressors

Material can choose the best match according to the actual working conditions.

With model:

0430/780/001 Mechanical seal
0480/780/001 mechanical seal
0500/780/001 mechanical seal
0530/780/001 mechanical seal
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0850/780/001 mechanical seal
0900/780/001 mechanical seal
0950/780/001 mechanical seal
0100/780/001 mechanical seal

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