M461 mechanical seal / M461K-D mechanical seal

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M461 mechanical seal is suitable for glass lined kettle with enamel liner. This machine seal is widely used by manufacturers.
Features of machine seal: Cartridge type, single-end, double-end, multi-spring, chuck-type components can be made according to requirements, the rotation direction is arbitrary, and the size meets DIN standards.

The M461 series is easy to install and is suitable for factory-tested units at any time, with or without floating bearings. The material of the mechanical seal is certified by the Food and Drug Administration. The double seal can be used at higher pressures and speeds exceeding DIN regulations.
Due to different hydraulic conditions, the product pressure is also different. The barrier pressure is closed. The seal can remove a complete ink cartridge from the glass-lined flange ring. Sensitive glass-lined flanges are still installed on board.
Shaft diameter 40 ~ 160mm
Pressure: p1 = vacuum ... 16 bar (232 PSI)
p3 = max. 18 bar (261 PSI)
Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 250 ℃

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