Liuzhou Sour King HDT Pump CMWZ Cartridge Mechanical Seal

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Cartridge type, single end face, convenient structure installation, reliable use

Medium: medium with high impurity content such as gypsum and lime slurry

Working parameters:
Temperature: ≤120 ℃
Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Shaft diameter: ≤100mm

This type of mechanical seal is mainly used in coal-fired power generation flue gas desulfurization, suitable for slurry circulation pump, slurry delivery pump, gypsum discharge pump.
Sealing cooling water pressure should be controlled to less than 0.1Mpa when used, too high cooling water pressure is harmful to the seal.

Common supporting pump type / seal specification model:

HSWL65-50-20KS HSWL125-100-25BS HSWL200-150-35CS HSWL250-200-22BS

HSWL200-150-35DS HSWL80-65-50CS HSWJ100-65-50S HSWJ100-65-40

HSW200-150-25AS HSW150-125-32AT HSWJ150-150-50AT HSW100-65-32BS

HSW65-50-32KAS HSWJ65-50-32S


CMMD-80 CMMD-85 HM74D-65 HM74D-70

CMWZ-100 CMWZ-105 CMWZ-110 CMWZ-120 CMWZ-130

CMWZ-140 CMWZ-150 CMWZ-165 CMWZ-180 CMWZ-200

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