American Sharp blender mechanical seal

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Structural features: Cartridge type, single end face, balanced type, multi-spring structure free rotation, mechanical seal of agitator, hold-type transmission, short internal working length. The static spring compensation multi-spring is not in contact with the medium.

The seal is mainly used for a side agitator of an absorption tower in a flue gas desulfurization device for coal-fired power generation, and can also be used for a reaction kettle in industries such as chemical industry and papermaking. Common shaft diameters are 2.5 inches (61.8mm), 3 inches (74.6mm), and 3.5 inches (87.3mm). Common 50Sv30M-5.61 30SV25M-5.67 and other models.
Manufacturers specializing in the production, development, and manufacture of this mechanical seal can completely replace the original imported mechanical seal of SHARPE mixer. According to customer needs, choose the right material. This machine seal has better performance in practical application, good sealing performance, long service life and stable machine seal performance. The mechanical seal of the sharpener of the manufacturer is complete, the model and specifications are complete, the manufacturer specializes in production, and the quality is guaranteed

Common models are:

Sharp blender 25SV25M-5.34 mechanical seal

30SV25M-5.34 机械密封 Sharp blender 30SV25M-5.34 mechanical seal     

30SV25M-5.67 机械密封 Sharp blender 30SV25M-5.67 mechanical seal     

40SV30M-5.45 机械密封 Sharp blender 40SV30M-5.45 mechanical seal    

50SV30M-5.45 机械密封 Sharp blender 50SV30M-5.45 mechanical seal         

50SV35M-4.34 机械密封 Sharp blender 50SV35M-4.34 mechanical seal      

75SV35M-5.17 机械密封 Sharp blender 75SV35M-5.17 mechanical seal   

SCB428-2.5" 机械密封 Sharp blender SCB428-2.5 " mechanical seal       

SCB428-3.0" 机械密封 Sharp blender SCB428-3.0 " mechanical seal        

SCB428-3.5" 机械密封 Sharp blender SCB428-3.5 " mechanical seal

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