DMSF mechanical seal / DMSC mechanical seal

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DMSF mechanical seal / DMSC mechanical seal is exquisite design, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, wear resistance. It is a monolithic assembly, which improves the stability of the mechanical seal ring at high temperatures and greatly improves the service life of the mechanical seal. This type of mechanical seal ring has a large contact area, which effectively prevents damage to the seal ring during viscous media work and equipment startup and shutdown. The integral bi-directional suction coil greatly improves the mechanically tight cooling path.
The built-in cooling deflector guides the coolant to the heat-prone parts of the mechanical seal friction ring surface, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency.
In addition, the material can be selected according to the requirements of the working conditions, using special corrosion-resistant alloy components, corrosion-resistant rubber ring, can be used in highly corrosive conditions.

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