Flygt Bulk Mechanical Seal

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Flygt mechanical seals generally refer to Swedish ITT Flygt mixers, mechanical seals on submersible sewage pumps, which are divided into bulk old structures, new bulk structures, and cartridge mechanical seals. The original Flygt factory is a world-renowned brand. Its products are sold in major sewage treatment centers around the world. Mechanical seals are supplied by two seal companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. At present, there are no direct supporting manufacturers in China. Tungsten carbide seal rings are sourced from China. YG8 material.

Original Flygt mechanical seals are expensive, because domestic sewage treatment plants' filtering facilities, pump operation monitoring, and maintenance levels; parts replacement and other requirements are far lower than developed countries. The expensive imported pumps have not played their due role. Flowserve is a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals. The production equipment is imported from the United States. The technology is advanced. The Flygt mechanical seals are standard domestically manufactured. The molds are opened strictly in accordance with the original parts. The imports are exactly the same. At the same time, the material is configured with reference to imported mechanical seals. It is currently used in sewage treatment centers of major pump plants and completely replaces imported products. The price is only one-third of the original imported, the service life is more than one year, the model and specifications are complete, and the manufacturer always stocks a lot of stock.

Manufacturers stock spot models are:
Steady Flygt 1300 mechanical seal
Steady Flygt 1310 mechanical seal
Steady Flygt 1315 mechanical seal
Steady Flygt 1320 mechanical seal
Steady Flygt 1325 mechanical seal
Steady Flygt 1330 mechanical seal

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