MG12 mechanical seal / MG1S20 mechanical seal

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Structural features: single end face, non-container type, unbalanced type, rubber bellows, single spring, free rotation, horizontal installation, hold-type transmission

Material: YWNB / SIC / graphite, 304 / 316L, Viton

Anhydrous parameters:

Medium: medium with strong corrosive particles

Temperature ≤150 ℃

Pressure≤0.8 Mpa

Rinse: p62

Speed ≤ 2900 r / min

Shaft diameter: 16 ~ 120 mm

Machine seal characteristics:

The temperature resistance of auxiliary seals, especially for rubber and plastic seals, should prevent mechanical seals from aging, cracking, sticking and losing elasticity due to high temperature. The thermal stress and thermal deformation of the friction pair ring, especially for non-metallic low-strength friction rings, prevent thermal strength breakage and temperature differences caused by high temperature to cause deformation of the machine seal. The thermal expansion coefficient of the assembly prevents the inappropriate intermittence and cooperation caused by the combination of materials with different thermal expansion coefficients under high temperature conditions, resulting in unfavorable phenomena such as loosening, falling off, slipping, and shaft holding.
Selection of circulating cooling medium: prevent physical and chemical changes of circulating cooling medium due to high temperature. The abrasion resistance of the friction pair ring at high temperature prevents serious wear and shortened service life under high temperature conditions due to improper selection of materials. The loss of elasticity of the elastic element at high temperature prevents the attenuation of elastic force under high temperature conditions due to improper selection of materials, which reduces the specific pressure on the end face.
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