LC900 / 1150 High-efficiency Flue Gas Vulcanization Circulation Pump Mechanical Seal

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LC series mechanical seal is the company's most widely used desulfurization mechanical seal in the thermal power industry
Product features: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high pressure resistance.
Structural features : balanced structure, the spring receives effective protection.
Product parameters
Media : Limestone, gypsum slurry, etc. containing solid particulate media and corrosive media
Temperature : -20 ~ 160
Pressure : ≤1.6Mpa
Speed : ≤10r / min
Flush : internal flush

Applicable models:
苏尔寿 ZAP801 Sulzer
苏尔寿 ZAP701 Sulzer
凯士比 KWPK600-825
凯士比 KWPK600-815
凯士比 KWPK600-663
凯士比 KWPK600-873
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