Condensate pump 021-M43K / 125-00 mechanical seal

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Mechanical seals for KSB pumps . Rotary structure, the mechanical seal spring is a small uniformly distributed spring, which is directly installed on the moving ring. The product does not have a push ring that allows the spring force to work uniformly. It has directly designed a better structured moving ring and the stability of the moving ring. The performance is improved, which effectively prevents the parts from elastically deforming under the external force and affects the sealing effect. The frame oil seal is installed in the product gland, and a closed space is formed between the seal ring and the seal ring. The flushing water is connected in this space, and the ring and spring are always provided with flushing and cooling functions during operation to ensure the stability of the mechanical seal. use.
Applicable industries: oil extraction, pharmaceuticals, water conservancy, food, fine chemicals
Applicable pumps: condensate pump, oil transfer pump, HVAC pump, high temperature pump, dosing pump

021-M43K / 125-00 mechanical seal is a cartridge structure, easy to install. The material is made of pressureless sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) or YG15 hard alloy and EK3205 as the sealing ring; 316L and 904 are used to make springs and other structural parts; rubbers such as Kalrez are used as auxiliary sealing rings. It can also be used well under the harsh conditions of power plant condensate pump and condensate pump.

The products are single-end, cartridge type, rotary unbalanced, multi-spring / free-spinning, horizontal installation, tight-hold transmission.
Material: YMN8 / SIC.2Cr13 / 304 / 316L, Viton / Silicon rubber Rinse: external circulation rinse

Media : limestone, gypsum slurry, etc. containing solid particulate media and corrosive media
Temperature : 150 ℃
Pressure : 0.8Mpa
Speed : 1100r / min

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