Packing packing mechanical seal

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3100 Teflon graphite fiber braided filler

Packing sealing ring is made by packing compression, and its size is accurate and density can be determined. Generally, the cross section of the packing ring is square. Packed from carbon fiber pre-impregnated with PTFE emulsion after pre-oxidation of acrylic fiber, the surface is made of PTFE emulsion and lubricated. Carbonized fiber packing has excellent thermal conductivity, wear resistance and chemical stability.

The principle of packing mainly depends on the labyrinth effect and the labyrinth effect of the bearing effect: the shaft is very uneven on the microscopic lower surface, and can only partially fit with the packing, and part of it is not in contact, so a slight The gap, like a labyrinth, is throttled multiple times in the gap to achieve a sealing effect.
Bearing effect: There will be a layer of liquid film between the packing seal and the shaft, which will provide lubrication between the packing and the shaft and avoid excessive wear of the packing and the shaft.

Advantages: high temperature resistance, weather resistance, high lubrication, non-adhesion, low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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