WB3 mechanical seal

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The company's corrosion-resistant mechanical seal WB3 series (also known as SF-25), the shaft seal specifications mainly have two kinds of inner diameter of 20 and 25. The corrugated PTFE of the moving ring is divided into four layers and five layers. This pump is widely used in circuit board, electroplating, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The dimensions of this series of mechanical seals are the same as those of plastic pump mechanical seals produced by Taiwan Subao and Guobao.

Product parameters

I. Scope: water, oil, weak acid, weak alkali, sewage and other media.

2. Temperature: -20 ~ 100 ℃

3. Pressure: ≤0.5 MPa

Product parameters

WB3 mechanical seals, this series of products are single end, single spring, unbalanced rubber bellows mechanical seals, can be rotated in any direction

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