224UU-60 mechanical seal

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Double end

Small spring

Transmission sleeve transmission


Product parameters

Medium: Weak acid, weak alkali liquid

Maximum pressure: 0 ~ 0.8Mpa

Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

Product parameters

224 single end mechanical seal is provided with a self-flushing structure inside. Double-end mechanical seals require external flushing fluid. The washing liquid varies according to different working conditions such as pumping medium and temperature and pressure. The washing liquid can be clean water or the medium itself. If the temperature of the medium is high or it contains particulate impurities, the medium should be cooled and filtered before being passed Into the sealed cavity. The pressure of the flushing liquid should be 0.05 ~ 0.1Mpa higher than the pressure in front of the sealed cavity. Before starting the pump, the flushing cooling system needs to be turned on, and the flushing cooling system can be switched off after stopping.

The 224 mechanical seal produced by Zhangjiagang Borgman has reliable sealing performance, small leakage and long service life. It is divided into single-end mechanical seal and double-end mechanical seal, of which the double-end mechanical seal is suitable for high temperature, flammable, volatile and toxic media, as well as strong corrosion, with suspended particles, easy to crystallize and fiber media.

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