AK5M mechanical seal

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German BURGMANN standard, .arbitrary rotation direction ,. double end balanced cartridge mechanical seal, multi-spring built-in is effectively protected, and the static ring is compensated; installation is simple, no adjustment is required.

Product parameters

Specifications: 20 ~ 120 mm
Pressure: ≤1.2 Mpa
Temperature: -30 ~ 200 ℃
Linear speed: ≤12 m / s
Axial movement: ± 0.5 mm

product manual

AK5M mechanical seals are produced in strict accordance with German Borgmann standards. The application range covers all dynamic and static sealing occasions of machinery and equipment. The application fields are widely used in power stations, chemical, aerospace, marine, shipbuilding, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, textile, printing and dyeing. And other industries.

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