Laining mechanical seal

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Single end cartridge type, static balance type

Multiple springs, free rotation

Horizontal installation, screw tightening drive

sic, 304 / 316L, fluorine rubber / silicone rubber

External circulation flushing

Product parameters

Medium: FGD pulp

Temperature: 150 ° c

Pressure: 0.8MPA

Rinse: P62

Speed: 150r / min

Shaft diameter: 80mm

product manual

AEB series mechanical seals are mainly used in Laining mixers. This type of mechanical seal adopts built-in bearing technology to ensure the stability of the operation of the mechanical seal and improve the installation accuracy of the mechanical seal.

AEB mechanical seal adopts multi-spring structure, uniform force, small wear of seal ring, compensating ring adopts static structure, resistant to particles.

AEB series spray tower mixer mechanical seal compensation ring adopts a static structure to better meet the requirements of high number of long-term operation. The spring uses an external spring, no medium contact, no scaling, no corrosion. It can maintain sufficient elasticity to ensure sealing The fit of the ring.

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