Mechanical seal 103

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1.The maximum bending of the shaft must not exceed 0.05mm
2.The vibration of the shaft at the place where the mechanical seal is installed has to be greater than 0.1mm
3.The axial movement of the shaft is not allowed to be greater than 0.05mm
4. The manufacturing tolerance of the shaft where the mechanical seal is installed is h8, and the smoothness is 1.6
5. The shaft (shaft sleeve) end of the moving ring seal and the end of the sealing gland (or housing) of the quiet ring seal should be chamfered and polished.
6.All parts in the component meet the design requirements of the drawing
7. When tightening the gland, it should be performed after the coupling is aligned. The compression screws should be tightened to prevent the flange surface from deviating.
8. The compression amount of the spring is allowed according to the drawing. The allowable error is ± 2mm.
≤1MPa 9.The dynamic sealant pressure must be ≤1MPa after the moving ring is installed.
Sealant temperature: -45 ℃ ~ 180
Medium: water, oil, corrosive medium below medium

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