Agitator EKATO mechanical seal

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Cartridge, single end face, balance, arbitrary rotation, small spring, built-in bearing

Product parameters

Specification: 60-100mm

Pressure: ≤1.5Mpa

Temperature: 0-150 ° C

Linear speed: ≤5m / s

product manual

There are two types of mechanical seals for this mixer: one is the original type; the other is the improved type. The original mechanical seal is strictly designed and selected according to the original German factory. The structure is simple and the cost is low. This machine seal has high requirements on installation, maintenance and operation, and is suitable for power plants in developed countries in Europe and America. After the machine seal is installed, it is necessary to install bearings, bearing blocks and other parts. The installation and commissioning are complicated and easy to cause installation damage. This machine seal is widely used in Germany. The improved mechanical seal is a cartridge mechanical seal specially designed and improved by Flowserve Fluid in accordance with the current technical level of domestic power plants. Work to ensure that the mechanical seal reaches the user's site to exert its effective energy, simple installation, convenient use, long service life, and greatly reduced maintenance costs

IKATO (EKATO) commonly used mixer model: HWL2060N HWL2080N HWL2100N, the company has matching mechanical seals, welcome to buy!

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