M74D mechanical seal

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有与M7系列同样设计性能,除驱动座的安装长度外,其他安装尺寸符合DIN24960标准。 It has the same design performance as the M7 series. In addition to the installation length of the drive base, the other installation dimensions comply with the DIN24960 standard.

密封端面可选择石墨、碳化硅、碳化钨、氧化铝等。 M74D mechanical seal, graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, alumina, etc. The material of the auxiliary sealing ring can be selected according to the working conditions: nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, PTFE, etc.
The working medium is toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile, crystallization, high temperature, low temperature or gas, high vacuum, etc.
A sealing cavity is formed between the two sets of seals, and a sealing liquid is introduced into the sealing cavity: plugging, lubrication, and cooling, and a clean and lubricating sealing liquid medium is selected.
Recommended applications: chemical industry, process industry, pulp and paper industry, low solids, low abrasive media, toxic and hazardous media, media with poor lubrication properties, adhesives, chemical standard pumps

Unbalanced arbitrary rotation of both end faces

Product parameters
Medium: water, weak alkali
Temperature: -50 ~ 220 ℃
Pressure: 2Mpa
Flushing: P54
Speed: 15r / min

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