Powerful TLJ type desulfurization pump mechanical seal, TLJ-220 mechanical seal

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Large shaft diameter mechanical seal. 集装式式机构,方便安装与更换。 Reasonable cooling cycle flushing system maximizes the service life of the mechanical seal, reduces the frequency of installation and replacement, and the cartridge type mechanism is convenient for installation and replacement. Effectively save production and processing costs. Integrated structure of silicon carbide sealing ring and corrosion-resistant alloy steel metal material, machine seal has corrosion resistance

Applicable industries: coal chemical industry, power industry, metal smelting, alumina
Applicable pumps: desulfurization pump, circulation pump, slurry pump

700X-TLR 800X-TL 800X-TLR 1000X-TL 1000X-TLR (Powerful)
700GSL 800GSL 1000GSL (Warman)

Zhangjiagang Flowserve Fluid Mechanical Seals Co., Ltd. stocks TLJ-220 economical desulfurization pump mechanical seals from stock. Matching Shijiazhuang Powerful Pump Industry (formerly Shijiazhuang Water Pump Factory), it is mainly used in the flue gas desulfurization circulating pump of the desulfurization spray tower of thermal power plants. TLR, 1000X-TL, 1000X-TLR; matching German Warman pumps, pump types: 700GSL, 800GSL, 1000GSL and other desulfurization system pumps; although the above two desulfurization pumps are inconsistent with the manufacturer of the pump host, the mechanical seal installation dimensions are exactly the same No need to worry about installation issues. Manufacturers with complete models are welcome to consult at any time.

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