AEB-60WS0 mechanical seal

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Single end cartridge type, static balance type

Multiple springs, free rotation

Horizontal installation, screw tightening drive

External circulation flushing

Product parameters

Medium: FGD slurry. Limestone, gypsum, and other media containing solid particles

Temperature: 150 ℃

Pressure: 0.8Mpa

Rinse: P62

Speed: 1800r / min

Shaft diameter: 60mm

product manual
Special mechanical seal for cartridge type single end mixer, mainly used in Laining mixer. This product is improved on the basis of the original AEB-60 model, and the bearing part and the sealing part for stable positioning are separated. During the installation process, the two parts can be installed separately, which avoids the impact on the seal assembly when the bearing is impacted during the installation operation, and reduces the risk of product installation and use.
Applicable pump type: Power plant spray tower side agitator, reactor agitator
The spray tower mixer is the key equipment for wet desulfurization. Whether the mixer can operate effectively for a long time is related to the desulfurization efficiency of coal-fired flue gas. The mechanical seal is the most important part that determines whether the mixer can operate effectively for a long time.
Applicable industries: power industry, coal chemical industry, metal smelting industry

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