M74S2 mechanical seal

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M74S2 mechanical seal structure:
Single end face
2. Non-equilibrium
3. Arbitrary rotation
4. Meets DIN24960 standard

Operating parameters:
Sealant: ≤1Mpa
Linear speed: ≤20m / s
Medium: water, oil, corrosive medium below medium.
Specifications: 14-200mm

This model is often used for various types of water pumps, so the sealing surface material is different, in order to ensure the use of the seal, reliability, and service life. Therefore, manufacturers recommend the following:

1. Clear water medium (excluding particulate matter) ----- Material with moving ring graphite, static ring silicon carbide
2. Sewage medium (contains more particulate matter)-materials with moving ring silicon carbide and gold ring silicon carbide
3.Motion ring alloy static ring alloy containing particles and harsh working environment of mechanical seal

Manufacturers stock spot models are:
M74S2 / 110-G95A
M74S2 / 115-G95A
M74S2 / 120-G95A
M74S2 / 125-G95A
M74S2 / 130-G95A
M74S2 / 135-G95A
M74S2 / 140-G95A
M74S2 / 145-G95A
M74S2 / 150-G95A
M74S2 / 155-G95A
M74S2 / 160-G95A
M74S2 / 170-G95A
M74S2 / 180-G95A
M74S2 / 190-G95A
M74S2 / 200-G95A
KQSN250-N9 / 613
KQSN450-M9 / 673
KQSN350-M6 / 654

Business phone: 13375156883 / 0512-58100003 Business QQ: 2723116541